Plan a Funeral: A Family Exercise

When the time comes to plan a funeral, you may feel helpless at the multitude of decisions you make. We question what we want to leave and bring to life around us and we hope that our choices will provide the support we need. Some decisions incur additional costs like a funeral carriage; others involve provisions that may create discomfort, even opposition. To talk about it will deepen your reflection, will shed light on the reasons for your choices and will reveal the essential thing to do. Since there is no second chance in this kind of event, it is advisable to take the time to look at the family which best corresponds to the needs expressed.

The hearse and vehicle for the family

For those who wish to go from the funeral parlour to the church and from the church to the cemetery, a hearse is to be expected for the deceased. Moreover, some families prefer to be together in the same vehicle to make this journey and will opt for a car for this purpose. The procession is a ritual that illustrates the last physical passage of the deceased surrounded by his relatives in the public square. In certain circumstances, it is possible to request that the procession pass before the residence of the deceased or any other significant place. And if you want to give the deceased a royal and dignified farewell, a funeral carriage also might be considered.


The burial of the body remains the choice of several. Having an opportunity to gather on the grave of the loved one is an important aspect for some. Choosing the gravestone and engraving an epitaph there are also gestures that allow one to express his attachment to the deceased and to testify of his passage on earth. Although this stage is demanding, it offers the possibility of accompanying the loved one to his last home.


Make Your Wedding Day Special With Horse Drawn Carriages

Most of us get to play the bride or the groom only once in life and we would surely have the deep desire to make this day count. We want this day to be special enough to be etched into our memories forever. We would go that extra mile to make things just like we want them. And, that effort, exactly, leads us to horse drawn wedding carriages.

Horse drawn carriages for wedding is not a new thing, we can go back a thousand years and we will still find kings and rich people using these carts on their weddings days. While we have now what they didn’t, cars and limousines, the nostalgic appeal of these carts are undeniable. Moreover, the girls always feel that they are a special princess on that day and wouldn’t the fairy princess arrive for her wedding in a horse drawn carriage, just like we imagine it to be, in those fairy tales?

Making it easier for the couples and wedding planners, many professional agencies offer horse and carriage hire for wedding. They have black or white horses, in pair, which are trained for the crowded city roads and are kept in prime conditions. Then there is the liveried coachman who will drive the carriage, just like in the fairy tales. They will take you to the venue, wait outside for you to take the vow and then you can pose with them, for your special wedding photo.

Give You Loved Ones A Theme Funeral!

A funeral is not necessarily solely for mourning. In the contrary, it should be an opportunity to celebrate the life of the one the funeral is for. Like award ceremonies where lifetime achievement awards are being handed, a funeral can also be a time where you recognize and value the contribution of your loved ones in your and everyone else’s life. For recognition and for a final goodbye, theme funerals are in great demand. The most popular theme funeral is the vintage funeral where you get funeral carriage drawn by horses which is really dignified.

If you want to go for the vintage theme funeral, one thing which will be striking is the replacement of the black hearse with 1950s car model. Indeed, a very classic and elegant way to give a final farewell to your loved ones. If would be even more striking if the deceased had a passion for vintage car or any classic car. This is the perfect way to show how much the deceased was esteemed while still among us. A themed funeral can also lighten the mood of the moment, since all funeral brings a lot of emotions, a theme funeral will help in directing people’s thoughts to better times. There are also garden funerals and other themes which would suit the deceased more.

Horse and Carriage Funeral Procession for a Graceful Farewell

While making arrangement for the last journey of any near and dear one, you would obviously want to make the funeral as memorable as possible. At the same time, you would also need to consider your budget.  But apart from budget, you also need to consider a few other things.

Firstly, what type of funeral carriage do you want?  You can choose from limousine, motor cycle and even the classy horse and carriage funeral carriages.

Secondly, you need to also consider the distance the funeral procession need to travel and the route for this. This is important because whatever carriage you finalise, they would require to know this beforehand.

If you choose a horse and carriage funeral after all, you will be surprised to see the funeral house and carriage prices. They are well within your budget and the class and glamour they add to the funeral would simply be too much for the money you pay for them.

These carriages are drawn by either one pair or two pairs of white or black horse. They are handled by an experienced coachman in perfectly befitting attire. These horses are well trained to manoeuvre well on busy roads and intersections.  These horses are well kept so they look great and the Victorian era Landau is kept in prime condition to go along the horses.  These horses can run for over 8 miles at one go so even if the funeral procession needs to travel far, there are simply no problems.

What You Must Think While Planning a Royal Funeral?

Royalty at weddings and birth are some of the common things you might have noticed. But, making the last journey of your loved ones lined with extra comfort at royalty is something that can make the entire society talk about you. Investing a few dollars in arranging funeral horse and carriage cost can turn out to be extremely overwhelming and surprising for your friends and family. Using this option can make the last journey of the deceased a remarkable and remembered experience for all those who are attending the funeral ceremony. If you find is really exciting and a new concept to say goodbye to your loved ones, then read the following points to get the royal funeral and cut down the funeral horse and carriage cost :

How The Concept Works?

Experiencing a funeral procession can be quite painful for the friends and family of the deceased, but if the death has occurred to set the painful spirit free, then it should be celebrated with utmost dedication and royalty. Following the same concept, a lot of companies in UK, USA, Canada, and other foreign nations are offering a pair of majestic Friesian horses hitched to beautiful chariot that can make the last journey more prominent and remarkable.

Things to Remember While Planning for a Royal Funeral

•    Ask about the funeral horse and carriage cost in detail
•    Choose a Funeral Director to streamline your entire task
•    Enquire about floor decorations and overall appearance of the coffin
•    Check previous experiences of the organizers and allot them a specific budget to complete the ritual with utmost royalty

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Arrange Memorable Funeral With Carriage Masters

Funeral of anyone is not a happy moment apparently. However, there is an undertone of happiness which we can’t deny. Someone has passed away, leaving behind a legacy. For the theist people, irrespective of religion, funeral is the celebration of return of the soul to the heavenly abode.

From another angle, this is the last voyage of anyone on earth. Many of us would want to make this last journey memorable as after this, the earthly body would be under six feet of earth.

This is why people often tend to arrange a pleasant funeral, despite of the sorrow associated with it, inherently. We understand this mood, sober yet pleasant, sorrowful yet happy. To make this last journey memorable, perhaps, the best arrangement you can make is hiring our funeral carriage.

Our highly professional, dignified, caring and well trained team will be the perfect service during a memorable funeral. We offer a pair or team of horses, black or white turnout and a choice among black, white and silver hearse. If you prefer drays, we have them and the heavy horses to pull those.

Our team is fully professional and empathetical and we pay attention to the minutest details. From turning up in immaculate traditional attire to speaking with respect, we make you feel at ease on that fateful day.

Additionally, we can add ostrich plumes and drapes, if your choice is such. We can match the colour to your personal preferences so nothing goes out of the theme.

Love And Marriage Go Together Like A Horse And Carriage: Horse Drawn Carriages, London

Traveling by horse-drawn carriage London reminds of a bygone era when car, taxis, cabs, metros were a dream. Traders used to use horse drawn carriage in London for carrying their goods; people use to enjoy afternoon leisurely rides on horses. Even at present horse drawn  carriage  London is still one of the major tourist attractions, couples can enjoy romantic evenings and friends and families can view some of the fascinating sights of London while taking a break in Hyde Park for having a summertime picnic while your horse drawn a carriage, London awaits for you.

If you are planning a beautiful traditional wedding during summer time, then choosing a Horse and carriage for weddings can be an ideal way to make that grand and royal entrance. The  Horse  carriage  will pick the couple from their home to the wedding venue and once ceremony gets over, horse and carriage for weddings will ride couple back to their reception hall where the newly married couple can meet up with their guests.

Weddings are times to make fairy tales come true and horse and carriage hire for weddings are becoming one of the most important parts of weddings to give that touch of royalty which every bride and groom seek for on their special day. There is even a theme based horse and carriage hire for weddings, wagons can be styled as you want. Prices will depend on upon various factors like decoration, seating arrangements, horse fodder etc.