Plan a Funeral: A Family Exercise

When the time comes to plan a funeral, you may feel helpless at the multitude of decisions you make. We question what we want to leave and bring to life around us and we hope that our choices will provide the support we need. Some decisions incur additional costs like a funeral carriage; others involve provisions that may create discomfort, even opposition. To talk about it will deepen your reflection, will shed light on the reasons for your choices and will reveal the essential thing to do. Since there is no second chance in this kind of event, it is advisable to take the time to look at the family which best corresponds to the needs expressed.

The hearse and vehicle for the family

For those who wish to go from the funeral parlour to the church and from the church to the cemetery, a hearse is to be expected for the deceased. Moreover, some families prefer to be together in the same vehicle to make this journey and will opt for a car for this purpose. The procession is a ritual that illustrates the last physical passage of the deceased surrounded by his relatives in the public square. In certain circumstances, it is possible to request that the procession pass before the residence of the deceased or any other significant place. And if you want to give the deceased a royal and dignified farewell, a funeral carriage also might be considered.


The burial of the body remains the choice of several. Having an opportunity to gather on the grave of the loved one is an important aspect for some. Choosing the gravestone and engraving an epitaph there are also gestures that allow one to express his attachment to the deceased and to testify of his passage on earth. Although this stage is demanding, it offers the possibility of accompanying the loved one to his last home.


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