Make Your Wedding Day Special With Horse Drawn Carriages

Most of us get to play the bride or the groom only once in life and we would surely have the deep desire to make this day count. We want this day to be special enough to be etched into our memories forever. We would go that extra mile to make things just like we want them. And, that effort, exactly, leads us to horse drawn wedding carriages.

Horse drawn carriages for wedding is not a new thing, we can go back a thousand years and we will still find kings and rich people using these carts on their weddings days. While we have now what they didn’t, cars and limousines, the nostalgic appeal of these carts are undeniable. Moreover, the girls always feel that they are a special princess on that day and wouldn’t the fairy princess arrive for her wedding in a horse drawn carriage, just like we imagine it to be, in those fairy tales?

Making it easier for the couples and wedding planners, many professional agencies offer horse and carriage hire for wedding. They have black or white horses, in pair, which are trained for the crowded city roads and are kept in prime conditions. Then there is the liveried coachman who will drive the carriage, just like in the fairy tales. They will take you to the venue, wait outside for you to take the vow and then you can pose with them, for your special wedding photo.


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