Give You Loved Ones A Theme Funeral!

A funeral is not necessarily solely for mourning. In the contrary, it should be an opportunity to celebrate the life of the one the funeral is for. Like award ceremonies where lifetime achievement awards are being handed, a funeral can also be a time where you recognize and value the contribution of your loved ones in your and everyone else’s life. For recognition and for a final goodbye, theme funerals are in great demand. The most popular theme funeral is the vintage funeral where you get funeral carriage drawn by horses which is really dignified.

If you want to go for the vintage theme funeral, one thing which will be striking is the replacement of the black hearse with 1950s car model. Indeed, a very classic and elegant way to give a final farewell to your loved ones. If would be even more striking if the deceased had a passion for vintage car or any classic car. This is the perfect way to show how much the deceased was esteemed while still among us. A themed funeral can also lighten the mood of the moment, since all funeral brings a lot of emotions, a theme funeral will help in directing people’s thoughts to better times. There are also garden funerals and other themes which would suit the deceased more.


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