Use Paper Lanterns and Fans in Asian Themed Wedding

Asian themed wedding are becoming popular among the white section of the society as well. Asian decoration has its own appeal and during wedding celebration, it simply looks stunning, sophisticated, soothing and simple. Asian decor has the exotic flavour which creates an extraordinary atmosphere for the wedding. You can use Asian theme and decor for your own wedding as well. In fact, there are specialised decorators who arrange Asian weddings in UK.

You are free to choose the time of your wedding, during day or evening. Evening is better because then you can use the famous paper lanterns. You can choose mini lanterns in good numbers or you can choose large paper lanterns. While the first has mostly decorative purposes, the latter can easily be the primary source of lighting during your wedding. No matter what the theme of your reception might be, you should not miss the ubiquitous red lanterns. Red is the colour from Chinese culture, something which you want to reflect in your reception.

One should not miss the fans either, in an Asian themed wedding reception. You can have either the sandalwood fans or the decorative silk fans and they would add a lot of Asian flavour in the decoration.  You can keep those on the tables as table decorations, in the centrepiece or can lie around the guest book. You can even print the wedding plans on these fans. Else, you can fold the napkins in the fan shape and complement the decor.


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