Horse and Carriage Funeral Procession for a Graceful Farewell

While making arrangement for the last journey of any near and dear one, you would obviously want to make the funeral as memorable as possible. At the same time, you would also need to consider your budget.  But apart from budget, you also need to consider a few other things.

Firstly, what type of funeral carriage do you want?  You can choose from limousine, motor cycle and even the classy horse and carriage funeral carriages.

Secondly, you need to also consider the distance the funeral procession need to travel and the route for this. This is important because whatever carriage you finalise, they would require to know this beforehand.

If you choose a horse and carriage funeral after all, you will be surprised to see the funeral house and carriage prices. They are well within your budget and the class and glamour they add to the funeral would simply be too much for the money you pay for them.

These carriages are drawn by either one pair or two pairs of white or black horse. They are handled by an experienced coachman in perfectly befitting attire. These horses are well trained to manoeuvre well on busy roads and intersections.  These horses are well kept so they look great and the Victorian era Landau is kept in prime condition to go along the horses.  These horses can run for over 8 miles at one go so even if the funeral procession needs to travel far, there are simply no problems.


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