Arrange Memorable Funeral With Carriage Masters

Funeral of anyone is not a happy moment apparently. However, there is an undertone of happiness which we can’t deny. Someone has passed away, leaving behind a legacy. For the theist people, irrespective of religion, funeral is the celebration of return of the soul to the heavenly abode.

From another angle, this is the last voyage of anyone on earth. Many of us would want to make this last journey memorable as after this, the earthly body would be under six feet of earth.

This is why people often tend to arrange a pleasant funeral, despite of the sorrow associated with it, inherently. We understand this mood, sober yet pleasant, sorrowful yet happy. To make this last journey memorable, perhaps, the best arrangement you can make is hiring our funeral carriage.

Our highly professional, dignified, caring and well trained team will be the perfect service during a memorable funeral. We offer a pair or team of horses, black or white turnout and a choice among black, white and silver hearse. If you prefer drays, we have them and the heavy horses to pull those.

Our team is fully professional and empathetical and we pay attention to the minutest details. From turning up in immaculate traditional attire to speaking with respect, we make you feel at ease on that fateful day.

Additionally, we can add ostrich plumes and drapes, if your choice is such. We can match the colour to your personal preferences so nothing goes out of the theme.


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