Weddings are a one-time affair. Hence, it is obvious for someone going to tie the knot to want his wedding to look grand in its truest sense. While wishing your wedding looked like a fairytale is easy, fulfilling such a wish isn’t. Most event managers understand this and struggle day in, day out to give shape to their clients’ imaginations.

Why Choose a Horse Carriage?

If you are an event manager who has bagged a big project from some over-ambitious to-be groom, then here is a word of caution for you- the moment your client feels things are getting low key, he will ask you to rework. And there is probably nothing more in the world that an event manager dreads than being asked to rework.

So, the key is to incorporate unique elements in the wedding plan so as to excite the client. For instance, you can enquire how your client feels about Asian weddings. If he utters anything positive, you can mesmerize him with the idea of having a Horse Drawn Wedding Carriage for the newlywed instead of a routine car.

You can bet your bottom dollar that your client will go crazy with excitement. This is the trick. Another advantage is that people attending the wedding will appreciate your vision. To receive appreciation for your work might mean more business to you. So, it’s a win-win situation for you. Isn’t it?

Keep these few rules of thumb in mind and you will satisfy your client fully.


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