Choose a Right Horse for Your Wedding Event with Us

The quality of a horse carriage depends mainly on three factors. The horse used to pull the carriage, the carriage, and the coachman. When all these three things fall at a right place, one can experience marvelous carriage ride.  At Heritage Horse, we have aligned all these three factors in a most appropriate way to deliver a wonderful experience to our clients.

Horse have been one of the most friendly, intelligent and polite animals.  We hire experienced and professional trainers to train our horse so that they can turn into friendly and obedient horses. Whether you want a wedding horse for Asian wedding or horse carriage for church wedding, book your horse or horse carriage with Heritage and enjoy a smooth ride.

The selection of the horse is very important to make horse-drawn carriage service successful. At Heritage, we pay close attention to our horses and select one of the finest horses and train them to deliver their best.  We take great care of our horses. They are a team member who plays a crucial role in shaping up our horse carriage service.

We have horses that have been used for drawing the Queens coaches for the lord mayor’s parade.


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